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Signs Your Loved Ones May Need Home Care

As loved ones get older, it can be hard knowing when home care is required. Your loved ones most likely will not let on when they need help. Especially if they are worried about losing their independence. But, in these situations, home care for elderly people can be the solution.


Spot the Signs

Instead of being put in a caring home, home care for elderly means that they can remain in the comfort of their home, whilst obtaining the required care. This could include personal care services, such as washing and dressing or even live-in carers that are there overnight. 


Whatever the requirements are, the first step is to spot the signs of when your loved one needs home care services. 

Unsteady On Their Feet

As we age, our muscles, joints and bones change substantially. Our bones are more prone to breaking, which makes it harder for us to move as well as we previously could. This is one of the signs of when home care for elderly groups is needed. 


Normal daily tasks may become harder, more taxing or take much longer to complete. Look at your loved one. Are they showing signs of difficulty moving around? Check whether there are any trip hazards around the house and consider modifications such as stair lifts and seats for the shower. 


However, even with preparations undergone, accidents still can happen. Home care for elderly people is a great way to ensure that they don’t get themselves into any harmful situations. Especially if they have limited mobility. 

Changes in Their Personality

As one gets older, there is a high chance they will have a change of emotions. Who they were when they were younger may be vastly different from who they are today. Especially if their mobility has decreased over the years. This can lead to them feeling like a shell of their youth and affecting their mental health, sleep patterns and shutting off from their support network. 


At Complete Homecare 24, our home care for elderly carers caters their plans to the individual’s needs. Though we offer personal care services, we also help with emotional, psychological and spiritual issues and help our patients work through their problems.

Poor Personal Hygiene 

When it comes to personal care, as the name suggests, it’s typically a private event. So, losing this ability can make an individual feel vulnerable and even worse for their condition. In bathrooms alone, there are various risks, including slippy and wet floors where an older person may slip and hurt themselves. So, for your loved ones, check their personal hygiene. How often they are washing and that they are eating regularly. 


Home care for elderly groups can include personal care services. Whatever this entails, for example taking baths or helping them go to the toilet, our training carers will work to make sure the individual feels as comfortable. That’s why we find it important to cater to the individual in their home and make sure they retain as much independence as possible.

Companionship Care

On average, 24% of people over 60 stated they felt lonely and had low mental wellbeing; accumulating to just over 3 million. Especially in situations where an individual has been widowed and struggles to cope with living on their own. 


Consider our Complete Homecare services. We have a wide range of services that we offer our patients. Including live-in carers and overnight stays. Our caring companions may be the solution to the individual’s loneliness. We create tailored plans that will put those in need with a structure and create personal relationships to ease any troubles. 

Complete Home Care Services

At Complete Homecare 24, we are an in-home caring agency based in Northern Ireland. Our caring companions provide tailored plans for our patients that are specific to their individual requirements. Whether this is home care for the elderly or providing respite care to alleviate any stress. We are here to help!


For more information on our home care services, call us on 07955 460 847. Or, follow us on Instagram and see what we have to offer directly to your feed. 


If you’re interested in joining our caring team, fill in an application form here


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    20 April 2023

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