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Respite Care

What is Respite Care?

At Complete Homecare 24, we offer a range of short and long-term packages for our patients. And this includes respite care for those who are needing a break. 

Respite care refers to the short-term taking over of caring duties. Full-time carers may require time away from their loved ones, including for holidays, other commitments or even just to take a break. It’s important to avoid any excessive stress that full-time in-home care can cause. With this, carers may become overworked, and as a result, underperform their duties with their patient. 

That is why respite care services are here to help! Complete Homecare 24 offers tailored respite carers that will take over regular caring duties for a short period of time. We always put our patient’s needs first and create bespoke care plans to meet their specific requirements. Whether this is respite care for elderly groups or emergency respite care, our caring companions are here to help!

So, if you’re in Northern Ireland and looking for “respite care near me”, look no further than our Complete Homecare services!   

respite care near me Complete Homecare
Respite care near me Complete Homecare

Benefits of In-Home Respite Care

We’re all human. We need a break! That’s why respite care is put in place to give carers a well-deserved break and time to recharge. There are many benefits to in-home respite care:

  • The patient remains independent and does not have to be put in a temporary care facility.
  • Reduce levels of stress for both the carer and the patient, which may be their loved one.
  • Respite care allows the patient to interact with other carers and a healthy change to their usual schedule.
  • The carer has the chance to unwind and spend time with their friends and family.
  • Allows time for carers to recover from illnesses or surgery without the patient having to suffer.
Respite care near me Complete Homecare

Why Should You Consider Respite Care?

As a carer, you may feel guilty about having to take time away from your patient, especially if they are loved ones. So, when this time is needed, you should feel confident that are getting the best help available and that they are well looked after during this time apart.

So, consider our in-home respite care services. This way, the individual can remain at home where they may feel most comfortable and not cause much disruption to their routine. Although a new respite carer may cause certain changes, we will always put them first and work with their individual needs to provide the best in-home care specific to their needs. 

And whilst our respite carers take over, you get the opportunity and flexibility to tend to any personal errands and other commitments you may have. Or, just sit back and relax. Everyone needs to recharge their batteries every now and then. After the respite care services are completed, you can return to your caring duties with a clean slate.

respite care services complete homecare

Respite Carer Jobs

Or, why not become an in-home respite carer? At Complete Homecare, we are always looking for respite carers to join our workforce and help homes across Northern Ireland. Simply, complete our application form here for respite care services and join our in-home care team today.