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Dementia Care

What is Dementia Care?

At Complete Homecare, we offer various in-home caring packages that meet different needs. We take into consideration different requirements, whether this is physical, emotional or psychological. Our caring companions are trained in many fields, including dementia care. 

Dementia is a cognitive disease that affects around 850,000 in the UK to varying degrees. It is the umbrella term for over 200 subtypes, including Alzheimer’s which is the most common. Though it mainly comes about for those over 65, it can still affect a person of any age. So, it’s important that proper dementia care is put in place and that the individual’s needs are met throughout the day. 

The main symptoms of dementia and other brain disorders can result in the loss of memory, affecting their ability to think and speak and even how they control their emotions. It can be dangerous to leave someone suffering from dementia alone for long periods of time, especially if they experience memory loss. That’s why at Complete Homecare, we offer bespoke in-home care for dementia, to ensure you or your loved ones are completely safe at all times and are getting the treatment they need.  

So, if you’re in Northern Ireland and looking for dementia care at home in your area, get in touch with us at Complete Homecare and see how our bespoke care plans can help you and your loved ones.
dementia care at home Complete Homecare
Early signs of dementia Complete Homecare

Benefits of In-Home Care For Dementia

Those requiring dementia care at home may rely on caring companions for assistance throughout the day. But, this does not mean they have to lose their independence. That’s why, at Complete Homecare, our dementia caring team is there to support you in any way they can. Benefits of in-home care for dementia include:

  • In-home care for dementia helps create a safe environment.
  • Maintain a routine with dementia care at home.
  • Constant caring for dementia companions.
  • Make meaningful activities for patients.
  • Retain independence with in-home care for dementia, rather than at a care home or at a hospital.
Early signs of dementia Complete Homecare

Why Should You Consider Dementia Care at Home?

Even though they may be suffering from dementia, this does not mean the individual has to lose their independence. Which can happen in full-time care at caring home facilities. Instead, consider our bespoke in-home care for dementia!

Our dementia care packages are tailored to the specific requirements of the patient and their loved ones. We want to create routines to help with their symptoms and put in support to ensure they are receiving the best treatment and care possible. In care homes, there may not be enough staff to maintain personal relationships with patients. However, our carers are chosen to create these meaningful connections. All in the comfort of their own home with dementia care.

Caring for dementia Complete Homecare

Dementia Caring Jobs

Or, why not become an in-home carer for dementia? At Complete Homecare, we are always looking for individuals to join our caring for dementia workforce and help homes across Northern Ireland. Simply, complete our application form here for dementia care at home and join our in-home care team today.