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About Complete Homecare

Who We Are
About Complete Homecare 24
About Complete Homecare 24

Who Are Complete Homecare?

Complete Homecare 24 are a family-run home care company that offers tailored and personalised caring packages. We understand the importance of maintaining independence throughout certain difficulties, including dementia care and palliative services, and that you may feel like you are losing a part of yourself in residential care. And that’s where CH24 comes in. 

All our home care services are tailored to your specific needs and all in the comfort of your own home. You and your family get to decide the level of choice and control for care in the home. 

Whatever your specific care needs are, our caring companions will work closely with you and your family to establish the right level of support. Let us help you continue to live your life entirely on your terms, with the rest in-home care services.

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Complete Homecare Services

Why Choose Complete Homecare?

Complete Homecare 24 carer using phone

Carer Smartphones


All our live-in carers are given smartphones with all the latest monitoring software. All with a touch of a button, our caring companions can access the specific details of your care in the home and are updated in real-time.

Digital care plans Complete Homecare

Digital Care Plans


Our digital system means in-home care services are updated 24/7 and efficiently delivered straight to the carer’s phone.

All care in the home plans are managed with the utmost confidentiality and our cloud-based databank ensures no personal details fall into unauthorised hands.

Patient medical records

Electronic Records


E-Mar is an electronic legal record of the medication we give to our patients. It records medication type, dose + route, as well as what time and day it should be administered.

The E-Mar system avoids any miscommunication or errors, allowing efficiency for both the individual and their carers.

Person walking dog

Non-Care Services


From walking your dog to cooking you dinner or mowing your lawn, here at Complete Homecare, we offer a wide range of non-care services to help those requiring assistance.

We can help with anything! Simply, enquire below and see how our caring companions can assist.

People working out to stay fit

Well-Being Fitness


Complete Homecare has Personal Trainers and Wellbeing Leads to offer additional health and wellbeing support. Not just to our patients, but for carers and staff members too.

Our fitness team can work with you to create exercise or diet plans, complete frailty assessments or offer advice and support.

Home carers Complete Homecare

Family Portal


Here at CH24, we have designed and released a Family Portal mobile App, to ensure loved ones have access to limited information on home care services.

Keep up to date on changes and the specific requirements of the patient and their subsequent care in the home.

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