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Live-in Care

What is Live-in Care?

The name gives it away. Live-in care refers to an individual carer that is booked daily for long periods of time. At Complete Homecare, we base our care plans on the individual in need. 

Certain patients require live-in carers to help them throughout the day. Whether this is keeping the house fully stocked with food and cleaning supplies, or simply for emotional support. Our live-in carers are there to make sure the patient is feeling as comfortable as possible in their own home. 

It all depends on the individual. Typically, our live-in carers will work between 3 and 5 days per week, with a 4-hour break for each day. But, this will all be decided as we work out a caring plan and schedule tailored to their needs. 

On occasions, our live-in care can turn into 24-hour at-home care. This includes around-the-clock care provided by our live-in carers. Still catering to the individual’s needs and within their home, this requires more than one carer that rotates in shifts of up to 12 hours. 

So, if you’re in Northern Ireland and you or your loved ones require full live-in care, consider Complete Homecare 24 when looking for “live-in care near me”.

Live-in care Complete Homecare
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Benefits of Live-in Care

At Complete Homecare, every patient is different. We all have different needs and will require bespoke care plans to ensure they feel as comfortable as possible. Live-in care is a great alternative to care homes for various reasons. Live-in care benefits include:

  • Build a personal relationship with live-in-home carers that wouldn’t be possible in a care home. Especially with 24-hour-at-home care with our caring companions.
  • Live-in care happens at home, where a patient may feel the most comfortable and themselves.
  • Maintains as much independence as possible and live-in home carers will cater their plans to their needs.
  • Patients can keep or get their own pets, which can improve their well-being and mental health.
  • Live-in-home carers have the freedom of mobility and help their patients to get out and about more frequently. 
Dementia care Complete Homecare

Why Should You Consider Live-In Home Carers?

When it comes to your loved ones, you want to make sure they are safe at all times. Which can be hard when you have other responsibilities such as work. That’s why, if you are in Northern Ireland, you should consider Complete Homecare and our live-in care services.

Live-in care includes catering specifically to the patient’s needs. At their beck-and-call throughout the day and offering different services depending on their requirements. But, this isn’t just physical. 

Especially the elderly, those living alone can feel lonely and in turn, experience mental health low points. Our live-in carers are there to solve this. Caring companions build personal relationships with patients, becoming a hand to hold when they are struggling. So, live-in home carers are ideal for those who are looking for company throughout the day.

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Live-In Carer Jobs

Or, why not become a live-in carer? At Complete Homecare, we are always looking for live-in-home carers to join our workforce and help homes across Northern Ireland. Simply, complete our application form here for live-in care services and join our live-in caregiver team today.