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24-hour in-home care or live-in care

What is the Difference Between Live-in and 24-Hour In-Home Care?

When an individual requires constant care or assistance, it is hard knowing which homecare service will work best for them. Especially when live-in and 24-hour in-home care sound very similar. 


Here at Complete Homecare 24, we are here to define the caring facilities and their differences. Our tailored care plans are created specifically for the individual and their requirements. So, it is important to understand whether they would benefit from a live-in carer or 24-hour care at home. Find out more here.    

What is Live-In Care?

Live-in care refers to one individual carer that is booked daily for long periods. Typically, these live-in carers can only be hired for a maximum of four to five days per week. For these times, a different carer will have to be scheduled to take over. 


As the name suggests, the live-in carer will reside with the patient in the home. However, that does not mean they are on duty for the entire 24 hours. They will still require a 4-hour break, taken whenever during the shift, which may be spent away from the home and the individual. This can be a problem for individuals that require supervision throughout the entire day and cannot be left alone for long periods. Though this time may be covered by family and friends, usually a substitute carer will not be dispatched for live-in care. This also does not include night-time caring.


Live-in care can include:

  • Keeping the house fully stocked (including cleaning supplies and fridge)
  • Cooking and feeding
  • Dispensing medicine
  • Emotional and psychological support

Who Can Benefit From Live-In Care?

With live-in care, patients are typically elderly people that live alone. These individuals may find it difficult to undertake simple daily tasks and require some assistance throughout the day. Though care homes also offer these facilities, those who require help may not want to live in their home. Especially if they have stayed in that particular property for most of their lives. It can be hard recognising that you require help with some of the most basic tasks. Live-in carers assist with these responsibilities, helping their patient in their home where they feel most comfortable and themselves. 


But, live-in care is not just limited to older groups of people. This could include; those who are just leaving the hospital and require short-term live-in care; people who would prefer one individual carer rather than multiple; and when respite care is needed for longer periods of time. 

What is 24-Hour In-Home Care?

Again, the name reveals all. 24-hour in-home care is round-the-clock care that is provided by professional caring companions. All within the comfort of the individual’s home. However, this care plan requires more than one carer, as there is no break in-between. For example, one carer can typically work for a maximum of 12 hours. With a second carer taking over after this shift. This can mean that one carer will be there during the day and the other will take care of the night-time caring duties. 


24-hour in-home care is there to help improve a person’s quality of life, where although they require care, they still maintain their independence. 


24-hour care can include:

  • Cleaning wounds
  • Helping with insomnia
  • Cooking and cleaning
  • Emotional and psychological support

When is 24 Hour Care at Home Required?

For individuals who want assistance at night, there is 24-hour home care. A client who needs round-the-clock nursing care to clean surgical wounds or administer medication after being discharged from the hospital will also require this kind of care.


This also includes those with conditions like dementia who cannot be left alone for extended periods of time. Such persons should never be left alone since they can end up in danger. In either case, a client who is to receive constant monitoring and care should profit the most from this type of treatment.


Complete Homecare 24 Services

Complete Homecare 24 are a care agency based in Lurgan, Northern Ireland. We provide tailored care plans that are specific to the individual and their requirements. Whether this is respite care, palliative care or 24-hour in-home care. We are here to help! 


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