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Hospital to Home

What is Hospital to Home?

Many may think that for certain health conditions, the only place they can stay is the hospital. Yet this is untrue. In hospitals, sometimes the personal touch can be lost. Especially on floors with several other patients. In these cases, it’s important to help those who can recover elsewhere the facilities and support to do so, as this also helps the hospital make more room for patients in need.

At Complete Homecare 24, we offer hospital-to-home care services that assist those after being discharged. People should have the choice of where they recover, especially from a long-term illness or severe injury. Our in-home carers always put the patient first. We consider what the patient is recovering from, their individual requirements and create a simple structure in collaboration to find the best fit.  

That’s why our in-home carers are chosen specifically for each patient. It’s not a case of finding who’s available on a rotor. We want to find the best home carers for each individual. Our personalised and bespoke care plans differ between each of our patients. If you are looking for a safe transfer from hospital to home, we have the means and will support you and your loved ones throughout each stage.

So, if you’re in Northern Ireland and looking for “home care near me” or even “care agencies near me”, consider Complete Homecare!

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Benefits of Hospital to Home Care

Our hospital to home care means that our patients can recover in the comfort of their own environments, without the severity that a hospital setting may cause. Complete Homecare always puts the patient first. So, we ensure that our care plans are tailored to the individual’s needs and what support they will need once they have left the hospital. Hospital to in-home care also:

  • In-home care is personalised to the individual. Our in-home carers will ensure that their specific requirements are met, which is usually lost in hospitals.
  • Receiving treatment and recovery where they feel most comfortable and have the most freedom.
  • Patients requiring a recovery period or support still retain independence and can leave the home through the day if they’d prefer.
  • Increased opportunity for home visits from loved ones, without overcrowding a hospital room.
  • Combination of varied treatments with in-home services, including physical, psychological, emotional and spiritual support.
Dementia symptoms Complete Homecare

Why Choose In-Home Care?

Is there a better place to receive care than the comfort of your own home? In hospitals, it can be lonely, especially through the night and when your loved ones are unable to visit. Groups such as those recovering from an injury or elderly people may prefer to be in familiar surroundings. Especially if they are unstable on their feet.

That is why, at Complete Homecare, we provide in-home carers to support those transferring from the hospital to their own home. Here, patients can receive bespoke caring routines that are based on the patient’s specific requirements. Our in-home care services are always based on them and work together to ensure the very best support is being provided by the at-home carer.

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In-Home Carers

Or, why not become a live-in carer? At Complete Homecare, we are always looking for at-home carers to join our workforce and help homes across Northern Ireland. Simply, complete our application form here for in-home care services and join our home carers team today!