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Wanting a Nursing Home Alternative For Your Loved Ones

Here at Complete Homecare, we cater for your specific needs; making sure you and your family are getting the best tailored residential care. Our caring companions allow you to continue living your life. All entirely on your terms.

24/7 Care

Around the Clock Specialist Care

Whatever your specific care needs are we’ll work closely with you and your family to establish the right level of support so that you can continue to live your life entirely on your terms.

About Complete Homecare
About Complete Homecare

Who We Are.

Here at Complete Homecare 24, we provide new and innovative nursing home alternatives, with services based in all our patient’s homes. Based in Lurgan, Northern Ireland, our aim is to support those wanting to remain in the comfort of their own homes, with our caring companions tailoring their services to the individual.

CH24’s nursing home alternative allows those wanting to stay independent the opportunity of not having to move into a residential care home. 

Our homecare company are family-run and family-oriented. As we provide home care visits, all our packages are bespoke and specifically catered to the person. We want to offer as much freedom and control; our live-in carers will work with both the individual and their loved ones to ensure the right level of support is being maintained. 

Whatever your specific homecare needs, you can trust us here at CH24 to deliver complete homecare services to make our patients as comfortable as they can be.

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Complete Homecare Services

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Respite Care


If you are caring for a loved one, sometimes it is important to take a break. And our Respite Care services offer just that. Our respite carers are fully trained to step in and provide the required care in the home, whilst you are away.

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Hospital to Home


Wanting to leave the hospital? Sometimes, all you want to do is return to the comfort of your own home. Our complete homecare services will give you both personal and practical support to make the transition from hospital to home that bit smoother.

We provide tailored care in the home to reduce the risk of repeat injury or admission.

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Dementia Care


At Complete Homecare, every day our caring companions are providing the required support to those suffering from dementia and memory loss.

As there are hundreds of different strains, our local carers supply tailored routines for dementia care with complete home care services; helping the individual and easing the strain on the family.

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Overnight and

Live-in Carers


When 24-hour home care is required, there are nursing home alternatives available, allowing you to stay in your own home. Our live-in carers will tailor their home care services specifically to you and your needs.

It becomes more personal; where you and your caring companion will listen and spend time with one another.

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Palliative Care


We understand how distressing it can be to see how a terminal illness is affecting a loved one. That’s where we can help, providing specialist support with the day-to-day things so your family can make the most of the time together.

At CH24, we understand how difficult it is to watch your loved one suffer from terminal illnesses. Palliative care allows you and your family to have quality time, in the comfort of your own home.

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Adult Special Needs


Our companionship care also includes specifically catered services for adults with physical or learning disabilities, mental health or other special needs. Our home care services range from short-term support, to live-in carers that offer more intensive relief.

All tailored to helping the individual enjoy a higher quality of life with care in the home.

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