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reasons for respite care services

Why You Might Need Respite Care Services

According to statistics, every day, another 6,000 people take on caring responsibilities. It’s incredible the number of individuals that are actively helping those more vulnerable with everyday tasks, especially if they are their loved ones. However, what happens when they need time away from their patient? Like when respite care services are required.


Find out more about respite services and how Complete Homecare can help. 


What’s Respite Care?

In respite care, a client or patient receives care for a brief time in a way that is different from their typical care situation. We’re all human. And regular caregivers will need to take a break every once in a while. This is where respite care services come in.


In order to prevent burnout or excessive stress, it’s crucial for individuals who provide full-time care to have the opportunity to take breaks when they require time away. This could either be for those caring for a loved one or as a professional in-home respite care worker.


At Complete Homecare, we offer tailored respite care services for our patients and their regular carers. For more information on respite care services, read our previous blog here.

Have Other Commitments

For some carers, it may feel like their patient is their whole life. However, there are typically other factors and commitments that require the carer’s attention. This can include family members, events, appointments and booked holidays away. 


What about hobbies and interests? It is important for your mental health to have activities that you can lose yourself in. Maintain your identity and personality that sometimes can be lost when you are completely focused on someone else’s wellbeing. 

Allows Time For Recovery 

In certain situations, caregivers may have to temporarily stop their services if they get sick, require surgery, or have an accident. If they have an illness, or even just a common cold, depending on the patient’s vulnerability, this can be dangerous. And it’s not worth the risk.


That’s why, at Complete Homecare, we offer respite care services to care for those individuals whilst their regular carer recovers. Find out more about our home care services here.


Everyone requires stimulation and interaction with a variety of people. And that’s the same in these situations. Not only does the patient benefit from a new face in the privacy of their home but also, the individual that is caring.


The carer, whether professional or the patient’s loved one, may want to socialise outside the house with their own friends and family members. It can be unprofessional to talk about themselves at work with their patient on certain topics. So, respite care services can offer a safe haven for these individuals to unwind and relax with friends.


In certain situations, patients may be apprehensive about meeting new people. Especially if they have built a rapport with their regular carer. However, it is beneficial for them to meet and make friends with those outside their social bubble. Have completely different conversations than what they’ve been used to in the past. 

Need Space

As with everything, sometimes the best solution is to take a step back and look at a situation with fresh eyes. Caring for an individual 24 hours a day can become taxing, with certain activities becoming harder to undergo. However, as the in-home carers are always there, they can’t find a suitable solution.


That’s where respite care providers can help. This way, the patient is still receiving the relevant amount of care and the respite carer can offer their own expertise. Maybe there’s a way a task can be better performed. A fresh approach could be what the routine needs and beneficial for everyone involved.

You Deserve a Break

Your general health can suffer a lot from stress. That’s why self-care is crucial for maintaining excellent physical and mental health. There’s nothing selfish or time-consuming about putting yourself first every once in a while.


By taking a well-deserved break, carers can be more resilient, increase their caring capability and make them better equipped to handle any additional issues that may arise.  Taking a break allows your body and mind to catch up while also enabling you to recognise the issues in your own life that require attention. 


If you are a carer, just because you require time away, does not mean that you should feel guilty. Respite care services are a necessary part of the care industry. We all need a break sometimes. So, at Complete Homecare, our in-home carers will follow your lead and work around existing plans. 

Complete Home Care Services

Here at Complete Homecare, we are a family-run home company that offers tailored and personalised caring packages for our patients and their families. We understand how overwhelming care can be, especially when it’s your loved one. That’s why, at Complete Home Care, we offer respite care services to help those through difficult times. 


For more information on our services, give us a call on 07955 460 847. Or, follow us on Instagram and see what we do directly to your feed.


Interested in becoming an in-home carer? Get in touch today to see if you could join our respite care providers and fill in our application form here.

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