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What Does Respite Care Services Mean?

Complete Homecare has a variety of alternative care home services; including respite care services. Catering to your specific needs, we ensure that our care packages meet your requirements, without decreasing the amount of independence.

But, what exactly is respite care? Find out more here from a company that cares.


What is Respite Care?

The term “Respite Care” refers to services that are aimed to offer carers and families a break from caring in various ways.

At Complete Homecare, we understand how difficult and overwhelming full-time care can be. Especially when it’s a loved one. This is why, respite care services allow those struggling to take a break; with the confidence that the replacement is fully-qualified in the same field.

Depending on the circumstances, most respite care providers will come in on a regular basis to look after the specific person. Or, an alternative may include being taken on group activities or day trips. Find out more about our respite services here.


Types of Respite Care Services

Respite care comes in a variety of forms, but it all boils down to two basic concepts: sharing the burden of caregiving and receiving assistance for yourself. 

Out-of-home respite care can include a variety of private and non-profit programs such as:

  • Adult daycare centres; are for elderly persons who are unable to care for themselves or who are isolated and lonely.
  • Residential programmes; provide short-term care for a variety of reasons. Emergency and scheduled overnight services are provided by group homes, hospitals, nursing homes, and other specialised facilities, giving caretakers 24-hour reprieve. 

In-home respite care includes volunteer or paid help; either on an as-needed basis or regularly. Services can range in length from a few hours to many days, and they can be obtained either directly or through an agency. This popular respite option allows your loved one to remain in their own home while receiving care, which can be quite beneficial to you as the primary caregiver.


Why Hire Respite Care Services?

There are many reasons family members may consider looking for respite care services. For instance, those caring for a specific vulnerable family member may want to take a holiday without the person they are caring for. Families should be able to still enjoy themselves, whilst providing professional home care services whilst away. You don’t want to have to feel guilty or worry about them whilst away. Everyone deserves a break for their own well-being. Including those dedicated in caring for their loved ones. Therefore, respite care is an ideal solution. 

Many vulnerable people choose not to be put in care homes. Though care homes are suitable for some, what about those who want to live on their own terms? Hence, having carers or loved ones in their home. So instead of putting them in a home when they need a break, respite care services allow a professional carer to come in and not disrupt their routine. As they are temporary, the carers are following your lead; listening to the specific requirements and daily schedules. 


Complete Home Care Services

Here at Complete Homecare, we are a family-run home care company that offers tailored and personalised caring packages for our patients. We understand how overwhelming caring can be and that is why we offer respite care services to assist. 

Those who are needing assistance deserve to live their life on their own terms; feeling as comfortable as they possibly can. All while not giving up their independence that can happen when transferring to residential care homes. 

For information on our services, give us a call on 07955 460 847. Or, follow us on Instagram and see what we do directly to your feed.


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  • Victoria Addington
    19 July 2023

    I liked how you wrote that respite care providers look after your loved one every day. My friend wants senior home care for her loved one. I should advise her to go for it for the welfare of her loved one.


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