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What is Person-Centred Care?

When it comes to in-home care services, at Complete Homecare 24, we make sure all our care plans are tailored specifically to the patient. It’s important that in-home carers make sure they are providing to the individual requirements, especially in certain situations. But, what is person-centred care? And how can it be applied to “homecare near me”? Find out more below. 

Person-centred care is an alternative to a typical care plan that adopts a “business as usual” attitude. Instead of following the same care plan for every patient, this sort of treatment involves communicating with the patient and finding out exactly what they want. It is putting the focus on their needs and ensures that their specific preferences and values are met and respected during the in-home care services. 

Some people may think that in-home care is just a “one size fits all”. Yet, this is not the case. At Complete Homecare 24, we provide tailored care plans that are suited to each of our patients and their requirements. Our in-home carers are chosen specifically for the patient, based on their overall personality and needs. Then, carers work closely with the individual and loved ones to see what they want out of the care plan also. 

What Does Person-Centred Care Include?

As mentioned, there isn’t one way to implement person-centred care. We’re all different. And what each person wants from their in-home care services will also be diverse. There are many different aspects of person-centred care, such as:

  • Respecting the individual’s values
  • Putting them first
  • Good communication throughout
  • Make sure they are physically comfortable
  • Emotional, social, psychological and spiritual support

Why is Person-Centred Care Important?

In places such as care homes and hospitals, there is a chance that care will not be personalised and catered towards the specific patient, due to the fact there will be other patients close by needing assistance. However, resources are in place that ensures patients can safely receive this care in the comfort of their home, with a dedicated in-home carer.

This type of care will ensure that their preferences and needs are the highest priority and carers can easily communicate with them at every stage. Whenever they are needing a change or additional care, person-centred care ensures that these are met and changes are adopted. 

In addition, this type of care can impact the person’s quality of life. In certain situations, a patient can feel their independence slipping, especially for in-home care services such as personal care. If they have to rely on a carer, they may feel that they are not the same person they once were.

Instead, person-centred care encourages the patient to be involved in important decisions that will affect their lives and how they are cared for. This may improve the confidence in the person, knowing that their opinion matters and will be followed.   

In-Home Care Services

Complete Homecare 24 provides a wide range of in-home care services. We want to make sure that all our patients feel seen and more importantly, heard. All regarding their specific tailored care plans. 


Homecare Near Me

Here at Complete Homecare, we offer tailored home care plans for our patients around Northern Ireland. For information on our in-home care services, call us on 07955 460 847. Or, follow us on Instagram and see what we do directly to your feed.

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