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Why Mental Health Support is Important in Care at the Home

At Complete Homecare 24, we provide for a variety of illnesses and problems. This includes physical problems including frailty assessment and dementia care and mental health issues, such as depression, trauma and loneliness. Care at the home is sometimes the best solution to help with diagnosis and treatments. 

World Mental Health Day – 10th October 2022

Every year, the World Health Organisation recognises World Mental Health Day on the 10th of October. We mustn’t just focus on supporting physical health problems. The mind can be a cruel place and mental health exists in most of our lives, families, friends and employment. It impacts everyone in a certain way; whether this is personally or through a loved one. 

In 2022, the theme set by the World Federation for Mental Health is Make Mental Health and Wellbeing For All a Global Priority

So, how can we ensure mental health support is apparent in care at the home and permeates throughout a tailored care plan? The mental health of the patient must be always considered, especially if they going through a stressful time. 

Mental Health Support For Palliative Care 

1 in 5 people will experience sort form of mental health problem every year in Northern Ireland. However, this is typically increased in groups of patients that are suffering from chronic and/or terminal illnesses. Palliative care, although not always terminal, is there to make a person’s life as comfortable as it can be. Not to extend it. So, patients who require in-home palliative care may experience mental health symptoms, such as anxiety and depression, due to the fear of being at the end.

Mental health support must be offered as part of the palliative care plan. Ensure the patient understands completely their condition and offers psychological help to both the patient and their families who may also be struggling. All while making sure their quality of life is prioritised throughout. Find out more about palliative care at the home here.

Care at the Home For the Elderly

There is one condition that there is no treatment for; getting older. However, it’s how we help and support them to ensure they are feeling as comfortable as possible. As we get older, some problems will come up along the way, including the bereavement of a loved one and sometimes loneliness.

In-home carers can help with the mental health of the elderly. In certain situations, an elderly person may be alone most of the day or even live alone 24/7. Over time, this may lead to feelings of loneliness and depression. At Complete Homecare, our in-home carers in Northern Ireland offer tailored care needs and plans that have been catered to the individual. We consider all types of support, including physical, mental and spiritual. For more information on care at the home for the elderly, read our previous blog here.

The Benefits of a Mental Health Care Plan

For a variety of reasons, care at the home can benefit all types of patients. However, mental health should be considered throughout the tailored care plan so that the individual knows they are supported not just physically, but emotionally, mentally and psychologically also. Other benefits include:

  • Caring companions to minimise loneliness
  • Helping with motivation to not “give up”
  • Stimulation of the mind
  • Care at the home can help spot any early signs of mental illness (such as dementia)

Mental Health as an In-Home Carer

But, it’s not just the patient who may require mental health support. Supporting another person, sometimes for 24 hours can affect a carer’s mental health and overall well-being. You may find that you are feeling anxious or stressed when thinking about what will happen in the future or when you are not on shift. There’s also a chance that in-home carers may feel isolated from their social bubble or cannot enjoy their interests anymore. 

Everybody needs time to themselves. That’s why we have respite care services to ensure carers are not overwhelmed and overworked. It’s important to remember that everybody needs a break now and again. Find out more about our in-home respite care here. 

Other feelings carers at home may experience:

  • Lack of sleep
  • Guilt and frustration
  • Depression

If you are interested in becoming an in-home carer, don’t worry! At Complete Homecare 24, we provide full support for mental health for our team. We understand how difficult it is watching someone struggle, especially as our carers treat patients like family members. Our services include Well-being Leads that offer mental health support for not just patients, but also carers and staff members too. Join our care at the home team today here. 

Complete Homecare Services

Complete Homecare 24 are a care agency based in Lurgan, providing in-home care facilities in a variety of methods. However, we are not just limited to Lurgan. Our team of in-home carers provide care at the home across the entirety of Northern Ireland, including Belfast, County Armagh and Ballymoney. So, if you’re in Northern Ireland and requiring “in-home care near me”, look no further than Complete Homecare!

For more information, fill out our form here. Make sure to follow us on Instagram to stay up to date with our latest services.  

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