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How In-Home Carers Can Help With the Wellbeing of the Elderly

Especially for the elderly, in-home carers can help improve their health and overall well-being with different activities. The average age of the UK population continues to grow, and in doing so, the need for care increases. It is important that variety is maintained throughout caring structures and that the individual patient feels supported, all in the comfort of their own home.

Let’s have a look at some of the ways in-home carers can benefit the elderly and the services Complete Homecare provides.

Movement and Exercise

It is important to continue to be active as we get older. However, for certain individuals, this is not always possible alone, due to illness or frailty. That’s where an in-home carer can help.

With support, our patients can continue being active. It’s not always about breaking a sweat. Sometimes, just regular standing and gentle stretching can help loosen any muscles and help avoid cramps. Also, in-home carers can help with daily movements, such as helping in and out of bed and around the house.

Mental Health

According to the Mental Health Foundation, around 22% of men and 28% of women aged 65 years and over experience depression. There may be various reasons for this including the risk of loneliness. Whether this is due to loneliness from living alone, bereavement of a spouse or friend, or the concept of death, it is important that the mental health of the elderly is prioritised and that they feel supported not just in the physical sense.

Complete Homecare offer tailored support to individuals all across Northern Ireland. Our in-home carers are not just there to help with movements. We support all kinds of needs, including mental health and emotional issues. We can provide counselling and therapy sessions to help understand and discuss your feelings; finding solutions to help cope.  

Days Out

At Complete Homecare, we can arrange transport, outings and staff so that elderly patients have the options to take trips outside of the home. Just because we provide in-home care, does not mean we’re just limited to the inside! Working with the individual, we can incorporate their favourite hobbies or interests, which may bring back happy memories and improve their quality of life. 

Places of interest such as museums, art galleries and the beach are ideal for low-energy activities and are a powerful stimulant that provides a change of scenery. 

Frailty Assessment

Though we might not feel it, we are always getting older. At a certain point, our age catches up with us and the consequence of ageing affects how we get about with daily activities. Frailty is defined as a low-energy state, with people experiencing poor strength, slow movements and reactions. 

It is important, in states of frailty, that the correct care is utilised. In-home carers will work with you or your loved one to ensure they are not just happy with the level of care, but are also benefiting from the additional support. Without sufficient frailty home care, there is a higher risk of patients suffering from “acute frailty syndromes” (such as falls and confusion) and more trips to the hospital. 

At Complete Homecare, we provide a full assessment of frailty, to ensure that if our patients need further support with movements, we can assist. Our in-home carers are chosen specifically for the person and we match who we think will best suit. Find out more about our services here. 

Complete Homecare Services

Complete Homecare 24 are a care agency based in Lurgan, Northern Ireland. We provide tailored care plans that are specific to the individual and their requirements. But, we aren’t just limited to Lurgan. Our home care services are available throughout Northern Ireland. So, if you require “in-home carers near me”, look no further than Complete Homecare 24!

For information on our services, call us on 07955 460 847. Or, follow us on Instagram and see what we do directly to your feed. 

If you’re interested in joining our team of carers, fill in an application form here.


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