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Who is Home Personal Care For?

It can be hard to watch your loved ones struggle with daily tasks. Once it becomes clear that they require help with maintaining personal hygiene, such as dressing and going to the toilet, loved ones will need to consider suitable caring facilities for them, especially if they do not have the capacity to do it themselves. Instead, personal care services should be considered for intimate tasks that require specialist clinical intervention. 


But, who would benefit the most from this? Find out more at Complete Homecare and how our services can help you.

What is Personal Care?

What doesn’t personal care cover? The services is an umbrella term for a wide range of everyday tasks, including washing, bathing, toileting and menstrual care. Personal care is based on meeting an individual’s requirements, so they feel supported throughout the day. This involves the carer and their patient making physical contact and maintaining a supportive relationship.


It can be a daunting experience receiving personal care, especially for those who have lived their lives independently. However, as we get older and certain severe diseases will limit body functions, including basic hygiene. So, although patients may be resistant at first, our in-home carers work closely to establish trust before the care plan begins. Take their time with helping the one who is struggling and support them in a respectful and dignified manner.  

Who Can Be Helped With Home Care?

Personal home care can support a person from any walk of life. All it matters is that they receive that extra support they require. It can be provided to any group of people to help maintain their hygiene when they are unable to care for themselves.


Some people require personal care services, such as assistance getting dressed in the morning. This may be the elderly, if they have arthritis, or have recently had a stroke, which makes it difficult for them to raise their arms above their heads. Our in-home carers are able to support even more intimate tasks such as helping through menstruation for younger patients, toileting needs and safely getting in and out of bed on their own.

Hospital to Home 

People may think that the best place for an injured or sick person is the hospital. Yet, this is not always true. In hospitals, certain patients may feel a loss of their independence, due to other patients that may require more attention and support from nursing staff. Although the patient may require support with their hygiene and other personal care, there are other alternatives to a hospital.


At Complete Homecare, we offer hospital-to-home care to assist patients after being discharged. This includes personal care services to ensure that they are fully supported in all aspects, in the place they feel the most comfortable. Find out more information on hospital-to-home care here

Why Should You Consider Personal Care?

Depending on each person’s circumstances, medical requirements and state of health, this sort of care varies greatly from person to person and may change daily or monthly. The key aspect is anticipating what personal care they require and the pace it will be provided in.


There are many benefits to personal home care. But, primarily, this caters specifically to the person’s needs. Our in-home carers will work with the patient and their loved ones on catered care plans that allow them to maintain their independence in a dignified manner. All while in the comfort of their own home. 

Complete Homecare 24

Here at Complete Homecare, we offer tailored personal home care plans for our patients around Northern Ireland. We understand how difficult it can be when personal care is required and that some people may feel they are losing their independence. But, at CH24, we make sure to put the person first and cater to their individual wants and needs. 


For information on our services, call us on 07955 460 847. Or, follow us on Instagram and see what we do directly to your feed.


Interested in becoming an in-home carer? We are always looking for like-minded people to join our caring team to provide tailored personal care plans and cater to each patient. Fill in our form here. 

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