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What Does In Home Respite Care Involve? 

You may be thinking, what is In Home Respite Care? In Home Respite Care is a short-term passage of care, for when your regular carer is unavailable or needs a break, taking place in your own home. In Home Respite Care is traditionally for one to two weeks, but can be taken for up to four weeks. The service can be either planned or unplanned, depending on the circumstances of your situation. 

What Does the Service Involve?

With In Home Respite Care, the carer will be professionally trained to look after people living with a variety of conditions. Examples of conditions the carers cover are: Alzheimer’s, multiple Sclerosis, strokes, cancer and more. The carer will ensure that your loved-ones are well cared for and that the standards of your needs are met. They will also help your loved-one: bathe, dress, eat or drink, take medication, exercise, enjoy the outdoors, go to the toilet, and get in and out of bed. 

In addition to this, the carers will complete housekeeping tasks while looking after your loved-one. The carers acknowledge that it can be difficult for them to wash and dry their clothes, cook meals, fetch the food shopping and clean up after themselves – thereby, will take these tasks into their own hands. Striving to ensure that your loved-one has a good quality of life, while they are under the care of professionals 24 hours a day. 

The most important factor of the service is companionship. Living with their clients 24/7 means that forming a bond with them is very important. Many In Home Respite Care services have carers that will take their patients on days out, assist them on holidays, drive them places, and take them to support groups. While ensuring their patient is well taken care of, they will also be a friend and ensure that daily tasks are carried out, so you can relax!

When to Consider In Home Respite Care

Respite Care is not a luxurious break, it is a necessity for your own well-being. Though taking care of an ill family member can improve your relationship by bringing you, it can consume you. Some of the benefits of In Home Respite Care include: leisure time to recharge, escaping routine, enjoyment and pleasure, being able to socialise, and feeling refreshed once you return to work. If you begin to think you or your carer could do with a break, In Home Respite Care is for you.

Complete Homecare 24

At Complete Homecare 24, we provide a large range of in-home care services. We aim to ensure that our patients feel seen, and most importantly heard. Every client has a specific tailored care plan, to enable our carers to understand specific needs and standards. To keep up to date, check out our Facebook and Instagram.


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