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What Are the Myths Surrounding Palliative Care?

For such a broad term, palliative care is still mistaken for a variety of other caring plans. People sometimes think the worst, when in actuality, it is focused on giving those suffering from illnesses an improved quality of life. When you’re searching for “palliative care near me”, it is important first to separate the facts from the fiction and understand what services are available for you or your loved ones.

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Myth 1: Palliative Care is the Same as End of Life

Many mix palliative care treatment with end-of-life, yet this is untrue. Its primary objective is to enhance someone’s quality of life rather than extend it. These care plans can be given in addition to any other therapies a patient may already be receiving. All to help cope with their illness. If you are scared of looking for “palliative care near me” for fear that it means you or your loved one does not have long left, this is not always true.

These caring treatments could last days, weeks, months or even a year in some instances. So, even if a doctor prescribes palliative care, it doesn’t necessarily mean that they have given up on the patient; they may still recommend more treatments as necessary.

Myth 2: Palliative Care Only Treats Pain  

Another common myth is that the caring companion is just there to relieve pain and symptoms. However, this is not the case. Finding palliative care can be crucial in several scenarios, including those with a terminal or complex and progressive illness. 

Palliative care is an approach rather than a specific kind of therapy.  It entails a blend of support and care that attends to all the critical facets requirements of a person’s welfare, including their bodily, psychological, social, and spiritual needs. It aims to provide patients as much comfort and peace of mind as they can manage while enduring their illness.

Myth 3: Palliative Care Can Only Be Given in a Hospice

Many believe that palliative care can only be offered in hospitals, hospices or care homes. However, this is not true. Palliative care can be delivered by numerous care teams, including those who stay with the patient’s home. 

In-home carers are more likely to better understand their patients on a personal basis; as they get to witness them in a setting they feel most comfortable. From this, their caring companions will be able to determine whether their patients would benefit from a more tailored palliative plan. These caring services will ensure that the patient can remain at home whilst, being supported through their illness by the in-home palliative carer.  

At Complete Homecare, our services allow those not wanting to stay in hospice care and offer a nursing home alternative. Though you or your loved ones may be suffering from a long-term illness, this does not mean they have to lose their independence. In-home care allows more tailored plans for individuals, with their individual requirements taken into consideration. If you’re in Northern Ireland and looking for “palliative care near me”, consider Complete Homecare!

Join Us

On the 15th of July, Complete Homecare 24 is holding a recruitment information session on the services we provide. With jobs available for in-home care across Northern Island towns Lurgan, Portadown and Banbridge, this opportunity is ideal to speak to our specialists and caring companions. If you are interested in a career in caring, come down and see if you match the job specifications to join our in-home care team. 

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Complete Homecare Services

Here at Complete Homecare, we are a family-run home care company that offers tailored palliative care services for our patients. Find out more about our services here.

Those who are needing assistance deserve to live their life on their own terms; feeling as comfortable as they possibly can. Especially for those that have been diagnosed with terminal illnesses. That’s why at out complete homecare services provide tailored care plans that focus on the individual and their needs. So for those based in Northern Ireland, when asking for “palliative care near me”, look no further than CH24. 

For information on our services, give us a call on 07955 460 847. Or, follow us on Instagram and see what we do directly to your feed. 


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