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The Benefits of Home Care Visits for Patients with Dementia

Dementia is a chronic illness that impacts the elderly and how they function, but home care visits can be beneficial to patients.


Dementia can be a very difficult thing for both patients and their loved ones to deal with. Hospitalisation can be scary for the individuals and living in a care home can be isolating. Home care visits aim to eliminate these issues and give the dementia patient a more enjoyable and comfortable lifestyle, even when suffering from dementia. In this article, we will cover the benefits of home care visits and why they are the best decision for dementia patients.


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The key goal of home care visits for dementia patients is to make sure they are comfortable and as happy as they can be. This is helped by having a familiar environment around them. When sent away from their home, where they are comfortable, it can create confusion and fear for the patient. Dementia prevents its victims from thinking clearly and causes memory loss which can lead to the patient not knowing where they are.


Home care visits help to remove this confusion and anxiety by keeping the patient in their home environment. This makes it easier for them to maintain a daily routine and stay as healthy as they can, both physically and mentally. 


Staying at home allows for more flexibility with what the patient wants to do. This sense of freedom can give the patient a feeling of comfort as they may not feel as observed as they would in a hospital, for example. 




In hospitals and care homes, patients are dealt with on a broader basis which does not cater for the personal wants and needs of the patient. Home care visits allow the carer to focus on their patients individually based on their personal preferences. 


For example, there may be certain activities that the patient prefers to do, and this sense of engagement is crucial in dementia care. It is important to remember that, just because they suffer from dementia, it doesn’t mean the individual doesn’t still have their own preferences and personality that should be respected. Instilling this attitude of respect and understanding is what makes home care visits more beneficial than other forms of dementia care.


This personalisation exceeds simple activities and applies to care that is more important to the basic daily routines of the patient. For example, food preparation will be personalised to the patient’s preferences. This contrasts with a hospital or care home, which would usually stick to the same meals for all patients without considering them as individuals.




Home care visits also allow for a sense of continuity for the patient, as dementia can make it difficult to deal with new people and environments. It is important for the patient to feel comfortable with their carer, and this is something that is taken into account with home care visits. Having the same carer allows the patient to build trust with them, which can result in a more enjoyable living environment.


A dedicated carer is also going to be able to remember details about a patient that a hospital nurse or care home worker may not remember. This allows the patient to feel heard and understood, and continuously caring for them this way will benefit the patient’s mental well-being.




In conclusion, home care visits are beneficial for patients with dementia as it allows them to stay in a comfortable environment while receiving the care they need. Their care will be catered towards their preferences, which makes home care visits more effective than hospitalisation and care homes. This focus on the individual is important for their mental well-being and allows them to feel understood and cared for.


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