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Festive Activities For Adults With Learning Difficulties

Festive Activities For Adults With Learning Difficulties

Our List Of Learning Difficulty-friendly Activities

Christmas is a joyous season that is full of laughter, fun, and delicious food. For families of adults with learning difficulties, however, this time of year can be distressing. Loud music, unexpected visitors, flashing Christmas lights, relatives with whom you haven’t spoken in a while…All of these can be extremely upsetting and triggering situations for adults with learning disabilities. Caregiving for a person with learning difficulties can be a delicate balancing act, so we’ve come up with some suggestions for enjoyable activities you can do with your loved ones without making them feel overwhelmed. 

1. Create your own Christmas cards

Christmas card exchanges are almost extinct in today’s social media age. The magic of making your own Christmas cards, however, cannot be diminished. What could be better than something that was made by hand and with love? For adults with learning difficulties, creating Christmas cards allows them to exercise their creativity and be fully engaged for a period of time. 

2. Decorate pine cones

This is a cost-efficient and accessible activity that anyone can do. Pine cones can be found in your local park or even in your garden during the festive period. Since the whole family can participate, it serves as a great way to strengthen family ties. Everybody can express their creativity in this simple activity by using a lot of glue, glitter, colour, and paints. This, similar to the Christmas card activity, can help adults with learning difficulties suspend their ‘inner dialogue’, focus on the present and block out external distractions.

3. Make your own Christmas decorations

Decorating the house with Christmas decorations is a favourite festive pastime of many families. However, it could be more special if you created your own decorations! You can paint and decorate your own baubles, make stained glass window ornaments with sugar, or make your own garlands out of paper and card. 

4. Visit a Christmas Pantomime

Christmas pantomimes are a wonderful custom that many families uphold each year. They are enjoyable for people of all ages and a wonderful way to spread holiday cheer. There are some performances that are more calm and quiet and are perfect for adults with learning difficulties, like a ballet performance. They will feel comfortable in theatres because hearing loops and laid-back performances are frequently available. If you are unsure of accessibility, you can easily contact the venue prior to your visit.

5. Accessible Christmas Markets

Nowadays, the majority of Christmas Markets are accessible for those with learning difficulties. Disabled toilets, ample parking, ramps to bars and cafes, pods for wheelchairs on the big wheel, and more! Christmas markets want everyone to feel comfortable this festive season. However, if crowds, noise, and lights impact your family member more than others – visit during a quieter time.

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