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A Day in the Life of a Live-in Home Carer: An Insight


Live-in home carers are crucial members of society, providing full care for those who may not be able to provide for themselves.


The role of a live-in home carer is one that requires a lot of empathy and compassion and can be an incredibly difficult and draining job at times. Despite this, it can also be incredibly rewarding and live-in home carers should be recognised for the dedication they put in. This article will cover the day-to-day activities that may be in a live-in home carer’s role and their importance to the well-being of others.


Morning Routines


A live-in home carer should usually be awake early in the morning to help provide for their patients from the start of the day. If their patient needs support when it comes to preparing food, then the carer will prepare breakfast for them.


It is important for the carer to take into consideration the dietary requirements of the person they are caring for. These will differ between patients, so this is crucial to stay aware of. On top of these requirements, the live-in home carer should also consider the patient’s preferences when it comes to food preparation. This is to simply provide a higher quality of life for the patients, providing meals that they will enjoy, on top of being nutritious.


When their patient wakes up, it is the job of the caregiver to support them with their own morning routine. This can include personal hygiene routines such as bathing, getting dressed and brushing their teeth. 


Household Chores


A live-in home carer’s job can also include chores such as cleaning, doing laundry, and anything else to provide a clean and safe living environment. This means that being a live-in home carer can be a very physically demanding job, not only supporting the individual but also making sure their living environment is healthy.


Managing Medication


When it comes to live-in home care, a lot of patients may have long-term health conditions that require medication, and this could involve taking multiple medications at different times. It is the responsibility of the carer to manage this and make sure medication is being taken correctly. This is crucial to the patient’s physical and mental health.


If the medication is not being properly managed and provided, then this could be seen as negligence. This is because it could greatly endanger the person being cared for. This is why all live-in home carers should track the medication of their patients and stay on top of it.


On top of managing their medication, the carer may also need to attend medical appointments if the patient is unable to attend independently.




Activities are an important way to keep someone healthy both physically and mentally. It is part of a live-in home carer’s job to learn what their patient enjoys doing and plan these activities accordingly.


Many people who require live-in home care struggle with physical movement, so these activities must not be very physically demanding. It is all about the individual’s well-being and what they are comfortable doing.


These activities should also consider the social aspect of the individual’s life to keep them mentally healthy. 


Overnight Care


Live-in home carers may often need to stay overnight to care for their client. This may be because they struggle mentally at night, or they may need additional assistance. This may include trips to the bathroom or maintaining a healthy sleep schedule.


A lot of people who require live-in home care services require these services 24/7 and this should be taken into consideration by the carer, staying aware of the patient’s needs.




In conclusion, the responsibilities of a live-in home carer are very important to the lives of those who need that support and can be a very demanding job. These responsibilities involve caring for the individual and require a lot of empathy, understanding, and dedication. Clients should be given the care that is tailored to their own preferences, and each live-in home care job is unique depending on the client.


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